Session Resources

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Capitalize on Collaboration - Building a New Career Center

This session will inspire and encourage participants to find new opportunities to build programs in the changing landscape of adult educational. Learn how one agency took a huge step to fill and regional gap and is providing additional levels of transitional support for adults leading to careers and college.

Presenters: Bill Bettencourt, Principal, Arij Mousa and Michelle Raymond - Placer School for Adults For: CTE


Career Preparation and Workforce Training for Adults with Disabilities

This session will describe two models for adult schools to provide career preparation/workforce training for adults with disabilities in alignment with new federal regulations.


  • Karen Lingenfelter-Carman, Adults with Disabilities Program Coordinator - Mt. Diablo Adult Education
  • Beth Cutter, Workability Coordinator (Adults with Disabilities Transition Coordinator - Pleasanton Middle School


Creating School Fact Sheets: Talking Points about Your School

Do you ever find yourself in meetings with influential people and wish you had some relevant and telling information about your adult education program that you could hand them? Learn how to quickly pull together important and relevant facts about your school and format it in an attractive and easy to read layout.

Presenters: Steve Curiel, CCAE State Executive Board, Principal, Huntington Beach Adult School and Vittoria AbbateMaghsoudi, State Legislative Chair - Mt. Diablo Adult Education


Enhance Your Classroom with Technology

Want to enhance your classroom using technology? This presentation will include tips and tricks from real classroom teachers from ESL to CTE. (Participants are encouraged to bring a device)

Presenters: Christy Tatum and Sylvia Bullock, Instructors - Merced Adult School


Google Classroom 101

Participants will learn about the innovation and technology that Google has developed to support education.

Presenter: Rosa M. Navarro, ASE/ABE Instructor - Ventura Adult and Continuing Education 


Inspiring Growth and Development: New Courses and the Expansion of Counseling Services at Burbank Adult School

The presentation will emphasize best practices that highlight new courses and student support services that directly align with evolving and diverse needs of students.

Presenters: Monique Corral, Julie Grair, & Jonathan Vasquez - Burbank Adult School

Resource: Inspiring Growth and Development: New Course and the Expansion of Counseling Services at Burbank Adult School Presentation (PowerPoint)

New Directions and Resources for Teaching California's Literacy Level Students


Shaking and Blending things up in the Classroom

Attendees will learn about the successful integration of 21st Century skills in the ESL/ASE/GED adult classroom using EdModo, Google, Quizlet, Kahoot, NEWSELA, and Education World. Yes, it can be done!

Presenter: Rosa Leon Blanco - Inland Career Education Center


A Showcase of Adult Education Programs Implementing BurlingtonEnglish

In this showcase, you will hear from three adult education programs who have been using BurlingtonEnglish in various ways. The BurlingtonEnglish program offers a variety of courses for students, including General English courses, EL Civics-based courses, a large variety of Career Specific courses and now Career Pathways, as well as complete CASAS Presentation system. With all of these options, these programs of utilized BurlingtonEnglish to best complement their curriculum in very specific ways.

Presenter: Miranda LaBatt, Regional Manager - BurlingtonEnglishResource

Teaching Job Readiness Skills with Technology

Participants will learn to use FREE resources on tablets to teach their students job skills needed for their success.

Presenter: Francisco Xavier Pinedo, Teacher - Soledad Adult School


Tech Up Your Citizenship Class

Empower students to use technology to prepare for their Citizenship Interview.

Presenter: Jennifer Gagliardi, ESL/Citizenship Instructor, Trainer – Milpitas Adult School and OTAN


Turn Your Caterpillar into a Butterfly: Creating & Evolving Your Transition Program


WASC Accreditation 101

This workshop is geared towards administrators, accreditation leadership, and participants who are seeking to gain a better understanding of the self-study process. Included will be tips for creating a workable timeline and collaborative activities to create a mission statement, analyze data, identify strengths and areas for growth, and an action plan. Preparing for the team visit will also be discussed.

Presenters: Dr. Deborah Kerr, Principal and Janet Kershaw, ABE Lead Teacher, El Monte Rosemead Adult School


The ALLIES and SBCAE Immigrant Integration Framework - An innovative approach to supporting adult education’s mission of integrating new Americans

Learn more about the comprehensive immigrant integration framework developed by ALLIES, a collaborative network of ESL providers in the Silicon Valley region and the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education (SBCAE, San Jose, CA). The framework and associated metrics can be used to track student outcomes, design integrated service delivery models and promote multi-sector collaboration. The presenters will give an overview of the framework itself and present concrete implementation projects piloted by SBCAE.

Presenter: Ilse Pollet, Program Coordinator - ALLIES

Immigrant Rights in Troubled Times

Keynote Speaker: Kathy Brady, Senior Staff Attorney Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Below some resources that you can distribute or make available on the current immigration landscape.

  1. Family Preparedness Plan:
  2. Post-Election Community Information Sheet: 
  3. KYR and What Immigrant Families Should Do Now
  4. ACLU: KYR When Encountering Law Enforcement
  5. Post-Election DACA Talking Points and Resources:
  6. Post-Election Talking Points for Victims of Crime: 
  7. Post-Election AB 60 KYR
  8. Special Considerations for LGBTQ Immigrants:
  9. Local Options for Protecting Immigrants:
  10. Post-Election Resource for Schools
  11. FAQ on Trump's Executive Orders:
  12. Searching for Sanctuary:
  13. Then there are also our know-your-rights “red cards”: