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Excellence in Teaching Award

Shari Becker

Shari Becker is an integral part of a dynamic instructional team in Mt. Diablo’s Dental Assistant program. During the day, Shari is a full-time Registered Dental Assistant in a private dental practice. At the end of the day, she exudes an amazing amount of energy teaching her evening students with the occupational knowledge and skills they need to know to be successful dental assistants. Shari’s joy of her occupation is evident and her teaching techniques and positive examples resonate with her students, motivating them to want to learn more. Students benefit greatly by learning from a teacher who is so connected to the field. 

“Awesome.” “She is a very positive person and when I have conversations with her, I always walk away inspired to strive for more…” “She is an outstanding instructor with the ability to make learning any subject exciting.” These are only a few of many quotes from Shari’s students. 

Shari is very involved in dental assistant professional organizations. She has been president of the California Dental Assistants Association, the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers, and the Diablo Dental Assistants Society. She has held numerous and varied leadership positions in the American Dental Assistants Association. Most recently, Shari was presented with the Leadership Award from the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers. She shares the importance of professional organization involvement with her students and has set up a career technical student organization (CTSO) on our campus through the Student American Dental Assistant Association, meeting the federal Carl Perkins funding requirements and providing students with leadership capacity and opportunities. 
Shari has been a member of CCAE since 1999, loves to attend conferences when she can, and has been a presenter at CCAE conferences. 

From one of Shari’s co-workers: “Everyone deserves to have someone like Shari in their life. She has a brilliant mind, but will never make you feel ignorant. She has a loving heart, and is loyal beyond words. She is a true leader in every part of her life. In her work in the dental office, her doctor and co-workers are blessed to have someone with her integrity, work ethic, great chair-side manner, tireless energy and incredible skills. In her work in education, she inspires everyone with her passion for the field of dental assisting and teaches her students to be the very best at what they do. In her relationships, she values each person in her life and shows it by treating them with compassion and kindness.” 

It is easy to see why Mt. Diablo Adult Education proudly awards Shari Becker with the Excellence in Teaching award.