Southern Section

Southern Section—composed of Imperial, Inyo, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties.


A number of our South Coast & Southern Section presenters have generously made their presentations available and these have now been uploaded to our website.

AEBG–An Explanation for Non-Administrators
This session focuses on demystifying the latest “buzz term” in adult education: AEBG – Adult Education Block Grant. What it is, what it is not, how it came to be, who oversees it, and most importantly what does it mean to classroom teachers and school support staff?

(Google) Classroom in the Classroom of Adult LearnersIn this session, the presenter will share how Google Classroom has been integrated in his instructional practice. Participants will learn how to use Google Classroom to transform passive students into active ones and how it integrates not only the academic rigor, but promotes peer collaboration and curiosity.

How to Work Effectively with Your Community College PartnersThis session will present a look into the world of Community Colleges. What are the big initia-tives driving their decisions and processes? How are their classes and support services funded? How are they held accountable? This session would benefit both teachers and administrators look-ing to understand better the community college system.

HSE: Integrating Technology in Teaching Strategies and TechniquesThis presentation is about getting “Techie” with old-school instruction – teaching HSE by combin-ing the best of both worlds. It describes how Ventura Adult and Continuing Education (VACE) integrates traditional teaching Methods (stand-up teaching/lectures, note-taking, and paper/pencil work) with technology (including online courseware, Google Apps for Education, and SMART Boards) in order to prepare students for their HSEs.

Postsecondary Transitions: What CALPRO OffersBy 2018, 63% of all job openings will require some postsecondary education, and there will not be enough qualified workers to fill these positions. In this session, you will review the data on the importance of transition, define the needed skills, identify practices that foster transition, and learn about resources from CalPRO to assist agencies in planning transition programs.

SkillsUSA Career Readiness Curriculum: Service Orientation-Everyone is a CustomerIn this workshop, participants will identify external and internal customers, seven essentials to quality customer service and review best practices from Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction–Are you frustrated at not getting the right answers from your students? Maybe it’s because you’re not asking the right questions! This session offers tips on using questioning question-ing strategies that foster deep reading and higher order thinking, skills learners need to achieve their goals. Find out what CalPRO offers on this topic.

What Does Effective Teaching Look Like?–The federal adult education office recently released a set of teacher competencies for adult educators, and now CalPRO offers professional development to help teachers become familiar with them. In this session, you will receive a list of the competencies and participate in some activities to help you apply them to your teaching.

Southern Section Board 2016–2017

Francisco Lopez
Chaffey Adult School

Raul Pedraza
President Elect
Inland Career Education Center

Karen Bautista
Legislation Chair
San Bernardino Adult School

Adriana Sanchez-Aldana
CCAE Executive Director

Vicki Gagliardi
Past President & Awards Chair
Grossmont Adult School 

Lorrie Christie
Inland Career Education Center

Michelle Dullea
SUHSD Division of Adult Education