Hortencia: Elk Grove Adult & Community Education

Hortencia dreamed of working in the medical field since she was child, in Mexico, but knew she needed to improve her English language skills first. "Everyone I know speaks only Spanish," she said. "Even though I have been here for 30 years, all of my jobs have workplaces with Spanish-speaking coworkers so I didn't get practice there, either."

After her layoff from Bimbo Bread, in November 2013, she enrolled with Elk Grove Adult & Community Education (EGACE) Training Center and worked with Connie Guillen Torres and then Monica Mercado Vasquez to put together a plan to sharpen her employability skills. "Monica helps all the time," she said. "She encourages me and stays in touch, asking me how I am doing and always answering my questions. That really helped me!"

Hortencia immediately enrolled in English as a Second Language for the Workplace, at EGACE, and remained in that class, through July 2014. Her instructor, Mari Hudson, assisted her in her reading, vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation skills. In the afternoons, she attended Career Academic Development (CAD), with instructor Kathleen Edel, using the computer to develop a professional cover letter, resume and portfolio.

Once she had completed these steps, Hortencia was ready to join the NCMA class, in the fall of 2014. The class was challenging; but she said, "Ms. Gilmore was patient. She explained step-by-step, so everyone can understand. She's amazing! Ms. Gilmore may be small, but she is a strong woman!"
Hortencia completed the rigorous class and proudly wore her cap and gown, at the February 28, 2015, graduation ceremony. "If you have the opportunity, you have to go to school. My coworkers said, 'No, we're too old.' But they were wrong. You can do it!"