Scott Beachley: Huntington Beach Adult School

I wanted to take the time to share a success story of a very special Adult Education student.  His name is Scott (Zahir) Beachley and he is my son.  As the College and Career Specialist at Huntington Beach Adult School, I know first hand the struggles some of our students face in achieving their goals.  They experience many internal and external barriers and for that reason when a student reaches their desired goal the celebration is even sweeter.  My son had his share of barriers; considered Twice Exceptional, he is extremely intelligent but has battled with issues related to his ADHD/Aspergers diagnosis.  

Although he completed two years of college in Colorado at a private university, he had underdeveloped life skills that kept him from completing.  This left him at a crossroads.  This is when I referred him to Downey Adult School (my former employer) for their Massage Therapy program.  Blanca Rochin, the principal, rolled out the red carpet for Scott (as she does for every student).  She was highly professional, very caring, compassionate and welcoming.  Mr. Monte, the massage therapy teacher, is amazing.  He is attentive, gives individual instruction when needed and provides a lot of encouragement to students.  When Scott completed the program in November 2018, Mr. Monte gave a special graduation in his classroom where he gave a personal speech about each and every student.  His speech about my son brought me to tears.  I felt as if he had graduated from Harvard, and that is how I treated his accomplishment.  As a College and Career Specialist, I encouraged all of the graduates to continue their education.

I want to thank Mr. Monte from the bottom of my heart for the experience Scott had in his class.  Scott is now working at a couple local Spas doing sports massage and other various forms he learned.  The boss told me, “Scott is doing really great at my office – everyone likes him and at my chair massage events he does fantastic.  He’s a go getter.“  When I made the referral to Blanca’s school, I knew my son would be in good hands but his experience went over and above any expectations I had, especially due to the instruction he received from Mr. Monte.  I can’t say enough about their program.  In addition, the program was FREE due to the school being able to take the FAFSA.  

The notion behind pursuing massage therapy was that so he can have a flexible job with a good wage to allow him to finish school.  Scott is also taking classes at Cypress College and Coastline College and will be transferring to CSULB where he will major in Recreation Therapy, and eventually pursue Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  He would like to open his own Wellness Center to provide services to the Autism Community.    I’m so very proud of him as I am of all of our students who put their trust in us as Adult Educators to help them make their career dreams come true.  I can’t think of a better example than Downey Adult School, Blanca Rochin and Mr. Monte.  Thank you! 


Valerie Beachleya
Huntington Beach Adult School
College and Career Specialist