Susan Perez: Montebello Community Adult School

Susan Perez began her career as a Clerical Assistant with Montebello Community Adult School (MCAS) in 1990. Susan thoroughly enjoyed office work and the students and staff she worked with. In 1996, Susan obtained her Vocational Education Credential. Computers were new to school sites, and Susan seized this new challenge and quickly learned anything and everything she could about them. She was instrumental in training staff on the benefits of computers and how to use them effectively. When the typing teacher retired, Susan was asked to take over the class, and a teacher was born! Susan taught the typing class for the next ten years.

In 2013, Susan was promoted to School Secretary at Bell Gardens Adult School. A year later, she also became the School Secretary at Ford Park Adult School. Susan was able to balance her enormous responsibilities at both sites as she moved back and forth between campuses each day.

Susan administered the GED and currently administers the HiSet exam. Susan was among the first to master ASAP and is extremely patient as she helps teachers and classified staff navigate their way through learning the system. Administrator Phillip Tenorio says of Susan, “Ms. Perez always goes above and beyond to help staff and students on campus. She is a big reason why Ford Park Adult School is a great place to learn. Susie makes my life easier and it is a pleasure to work with her every day.”

Susan is an enthusiastic supporter of all things CCAE. She uses her creativity and computer skills to make posters that are displayed throughout the campus to make sure all CCAE events are well publicized and supported.

Susan has also won the State award which was presented at the 2019 CCAE State Conference this spring in San Diego.