State Awards Process

State Awards Committee

CCAE State Awards are granted annually at the State Conference. State Awards Committee is composed of State Awards Chairperson, all Section Presidents and two past State Presidents.

Selection Process

Selection shall be made from qualified nominees who have met all requirements for the award within the deadlines listed herein. Nothing the bylaws of the Council shall be construed as mandating the conferring of the Council awards if, in the opinion of the committee, none of the nominees has been adjudged fully qualified and deserving.

Nomination for CCAE State Awards

The State Council awards are:

  • George C. Mann Distinguished Service Award
  • Robert W. Rupert Award
  • Donald A. McCune Collaborative Award
  • Citation of Merit
  • Award of Merit
  • Partners in Adult Education Excellence Award
  • Life Membership

Each section may select one (1) recipient for the Excellence in Support Service Award.

Each section may select one (1) recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award for each 250 members, including institutional memberships, for the year ending the previous June 30.       

  • 1–250 memberships = 1 recipient
  • 251–500 memberships = 2 recipients
  • 501–750 memberships = 3 recipients
  • 751–1000 memberships = 4 recipients

Each section president shall distribute information received to the chapter presidents, who in turn will notify chapter membership.

Any bona fide member of CCAE may submit a nomination to their section.

The State Board of Directors shall take an active role in encouraging nominations from the sections, chapters and individuals.