State Awards Timeline 2018-2019

July 2018

  • Review and update state nomination forms (ED & SAC)
  • Revised state awards forms posted on-website (OM)

October 2018

  • State nomination forms posted on website (OM)
  • Process announced at Executive Board meeting (ED) and State Board meetings (SAC)
  • Process emailed to all members 3rd week of October including descriptions of awards, timeline, links for forms and submission details (OM)

November 2018

  • Article in The Communicator describing awards process with links (SAC)
  • Email blast mid-November encouraging members to nominate candidates

December 2018

  • Individuals and Chapters submitted nominations online for the following awards by December 18, 2019
    • Award of Merit
    • Citation of Merit
    • George C. Mann Distinguished Service Award
    • Robert W. Rupert Award
    • Donald A. McCune Collaborative Award
    • Partners in Adult Education Excellence Award
  • OM forwards nominations to appropriate Sections for consideration

January 2019

  • Awards Committee Assembled (SAC)
    • “The Awards Committee shall present suitable awards for outstanding contributions to adult education on as statewide level. Such awards are to be presented at the state conference. The committee is to be composed of the Chairperson, the presidents from each section (or designee), and two past presidents appointed by the State President. The chair shall be appointed for a two-year term and shall serve as Historian.” per the State Bylaws
  • Sections nominations submitted online by January 22, 2019
    • Each section may select one recipient for the Excellence in Support Service Award
    • Each section may select one recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award for each 250 members, including institutional memberships, for the year ending the previous June 30.
      • 1-250 memberships = 1 recipient
      • 251-500 memberships = 2 recipients
      • 501-750 memberships=3 recipients
      • 751-1000= 4 recipients
    • For the remainder of the state awards, it is customary that only one nomination came forward from each Section for each award - so if several Chapters had nominations, they would be submitted to Section for a final decision about which one to put before State Awards Committee.
    • The nominations that have been submitted by section members are to be reviewed by Section leadership. You are not limited to the nominations submitted only by section members, section leaders may submit additional nominees that have not been previously submitted.
    • The final Section nomination submissions will rest with the Section President or Section Award designee.
  • A digital photo and 250 word summary bio should be sent to Sharon Bonney at the same time that the nomination is submitted online (
  • OM forwards Section nominations to SAC
  • SAC makes copies available to AC by January 29, 2019
  • At the January/February state board meeting, hard copies of award packets are distributed to the committee members. This allows time for the nominations to be reviewed and for additional research to be done before the meeting to select winners.

February 2019

  • Awards program and theme determined (SAC, CT)
  • Ballot prepared (SAC)
    • “Nothing in the Bylaws of the Council shall be construed as mandating the conferring of an award if, in the opinion of the committee, none of the nominees has been adjudged fully qualified and deserving.” per State Board Handbook

March 2019

  • March 16, 2019 is the deadline for submitting Life Membership Award nominations online. The OM forwards nominations to SAC who in turn provides the information to the AC. The AC will vote on Life Membership Awards on or around March 17, 2019. All Life Membership nominations should be considered by the committee for worthiness. Not all submissions are automatically accepted in this category. There is no defined/limit on number submitted or chosen.

April 2019

  • The day before Legislative Day in Sacramento – State Awards Committee votes on winners and Life Membership nominations.
  • Send congratulatory letters to award winners including awards ceremony information (OM working with CT)
  • Send notification about winners to nominators, Section presidents, Chapter presidents and site administrators (OM with SAC).
  • Nominators of non-winners informed (OM for SAC)
  • Communicator and website updated (OM)
  • Awards program drafted (OM with SAC & CT)
  • Plaques ordered and ceremony refined (SAC, CT)
  • Award winners notified, plaques ordered, names included in awards program (SAC, OM, CT)

May 2019

  • One complimentary meal ticket given to each award winners (CT)
  • Awards ceremony at conference (SAC, CT)

June 2019

  • Articles about winners, Awards program and photos on website (OM)


ED = Executive Director
SAC = State Awards Chair
AC = Awards Committee
CT = Conference Team
OM = Office Manager