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Excellence in Support Services

Stefanie Wright

Bay Section

Stefanie Photo.jpg

Since Stefanie Wright was hired in 2013, staff and students alike have benefited from her leadership as the San Mateo Adult School’s lead administrative assistant and from her outstanding interpersonal skills. As the school’s administrative assistant, Stefanie helps manage a classified staff of 15 full-time employees and 10 part-time employees. Besides being responsible for staff scheduling, submitting payroll, and the onboarding and orienting of new staff, Stefanie acts as the main liaison between the adult school and district office staff and HR.. She was also instrumental in designing the logistics and processes to improve the school’s collection of student data to more effectively capture student demographics and, most importantly, to capture the measurable outcomes as required by the new AEP and WIOA standards.

Stefanie is an excellent communicator and has great ability to motivate staff by empowering them through the spirit of collaboration and the building of shared consensus; she values their ideas and will implement suggestions that improve school services. Because of her efforts in working with staff, the students receive excellent customer service in a school culture based upon respect and acceptance. Stefanie’s happy, outgoing personality wins over the students and staff and reveals the deep empathy and understanding she has for others.