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Excellence in Support Services

Susan Perez

South Coast Section


As school secretary, Susan Perez is the go-to person for a variety of questions and issues. MCAS hosts campus events throughout the year, and Susan is typically the first person to volunteer to help. For example, during the Annual CCAE Turkey Opportunity drawing, Susan volunteers her own time, and often uses her own computer, ink, and paper at home to make sure tickets look festive. She uses her computer skills and creativity to make posters that are displayed throughout campus announcing each event. Students are very appreciative of Susan and all that she does on campus. Susan explains, “I love the students and how they are so grateful when you help them.” During the time Susan administered the GED® exam, she ran into a student at the market. The student approached Susan and excitedly exclaimed, “You passed me!” Susan replied, “You passed yourself!” The student thanked Susan for all the support Susan had given her as she prepared for the GED® exam, and most importantly, for sharing in her enthusiasm about passing the exam.

Susan is invaluable to staff in handling the details of attending section conferences. There are several South Coast Section committee members at MCAS, and Susan makes herself available and volunteers whenever needed, anticipating their needs and getting prepared for the next meeting or event. Susan is an enthusiastic supporter of all things CCAE. She offers encouragement and support to everyone she meets in order to boost membership in the chapter and South Coast Section, contributing to the growth of state membership. She is an active participant in section and state conferences and attends workshops and professional development trainings regularly. In a time of restructuring and growth within MCAS, Susan has been a steady hand on campus. With a new attendance system, both teachers and classified staff count on her experience and knowledge as new circumstances arise. Susan is an enthusiastic supporter of all things CCAE and offers encouragement and support to everyone she meets.