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Excellence in Teaching

Suzanne Hammoud

Suzanne has been teaching in various locations and in various capacities. She has taught 8 years in private tutoring of adults in English, French, and Spanish. She was also a teach for 2 years as a Spanish Instructor at Indiana/Purdue University. She spent 10 years as a teacher in Advanced ESL at Downey Adult School before coming to Huntington Beach Adult School 3.5 years ago. 

Suzanne has been a key developer of ESL Placement test, Promotion exams for each level, pacing guides for ESL, MS Powerpoint presentation lessons which led to students' oral lectures in class, Pre-HS diploma, pre-GED, pre-CTE, pre-college ESL 4 Transition class, Advanced Internet research lessons and essay writing, a detailed writing packet for Intermediate and Advanced ESL students, goal setting charts, innovative conversation/debate groups and games that verbally reinforce lesson concepts.

Suzanne attended Legislative day in Sacramento, last year and also took a student with her to the visitations with assembly personnel. She has served on ESL committees (annual textbook selection, department changes in standards, course outlines, exam creation, and assessment of students in EL CIVICS curriculum).

Suzanne is currently the CCAE chapter secretary for the second year. Suzanne attends 1-2 CCAE conferences per year and participates in bi-monthly meetings. She helps promote all fundraisers to students as well as promoting new membership registration to teachers and students. She has also volunteered at the Huntington Beach Street fair to promote the various programs offered at Huntington Beach Adult School.

Suzanne has also participated in other volunteer groups such as Downey YMCA volunteer ESL teacher for one year, conversation group workshop at Downey Adult School, Huntington Beach Adult School - workshops for coordinators/teachers from another school on how our high school diploma program works, materials used, participated in Calpro CoP Workforce skills Implementation program in 2014 and has attended several CATESOL (ESL) conferences while at Downey Adult School.