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Excellence in Teaching

Virginia Mendoza

Southern Section

Background info: 

  • Born in Chihuahua Mexico 1980
  • Immigrated into this country in 1987
  • Lived in Spring Valley ever since
  • Attended Monte Vista High School 1994-98
  • Attended SDSU 1998-2003 (Graduated BA in Liberal Studies & a Specialization in Linguistics) 
  • Obtained a designated subject credential from National University
  • Worked at SD Community College Continuing Ed (Fist teaching job: ESL & Citizenship)
  • Worked at SUHSD from 2005- present ( taught ESL, ABE, & ASE)
  • Completed the Administrative Services Credential at Point Loma Nazarene University in 2017
  • Attending PLNU to complete a MA in education
  • Started the “Star Tech” program to help teachers gain computer skills to use in the classroom
  • Presented at the CCAE 2017 state conference and CASAS SI on “Creating a Culture of Completion”

Virginia works very hard to help her students achieve their potential. She is a team player and works closely with her colleagues to help students complete their education goals. She sets high expectations for her students to achieve in the area of writing and students rise to the occasion! She is a dedicated teacher and is deserving of this sectional award recognition.