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Excellence in Teaching

Yvette Barrios

South Coast Section


Yvette Barrios has been teaching adults since 2006 at Montebello Community Adult School. Yvette’s love of learning and growing, both professionally and personally, is contagious, and she brings this passion into her ESL and conversation classes every day. Yvette graduated from CSULA in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with an emphasis in finance and economics. She applied her education to become an appraiser for property tax purposes and continued to be active in the profession for many years. Yvette has a unique appreciation and empathy for adult students because she was one herself. Like so many of her students, she balanced home and family life with going back to school. In 2007, she continued to enrich her education by taking credentialing courses at the University of San Diego and Fullerton College. In 2009 she received her Clear Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential. Yvette is qualified to teach ESL, citizenship, and high school subjects, including algebra.

Yvette has created a stimulating, welcoming, and comfortable classroom environment where students feel safe and supported as they learn English. “I create an easygoing atmosphere in the classroom to allow students to bring their life experiences into the class to enrich discussions,” explains Yvette. Many of Yvette’s former ESL students who have continued on to high school, college, and careers return to her conversation class and keep in touch with her for many years. She has helped her students and their children with immigration attorney referrals, translated medical documents, and helped them get the information they need to feel protected and empowered. Yvette uses social media to keep in touch with students and mentees and regularly posts job opportunity information to the popular Facebook page she created for her class with a current membership of 128. Student Pedro Mendoza said, “On Facebook she reminds us about important dates, so we remember to study, and this helps us do well.” Yvette has written letters of recommendations to help students enter the job market better prepared, and they know Mrs. Barrios is there for them when they need her.